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If you are here for Fingerprinting, 

Please take note of the following:

1.  Please have your Valid Photo Drivers License and your 2nd form of ID ready.  (Passport,  birth certificate).  State of Vermont requires the primary form of ID to be a valid photo drivers or non drivers photo ID.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

2.  If you are applying for a position in a school and do not have a copy of the signed fingerprint authorization certificate, you will need to reschedule.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS. 

3.  We accept Cash only.  If you don't have Cash, you must reschedule your appointment.

4.  If you need photo copies made, we charge $1.00 per copy

5.  When you are finished being fingerprinted you will receive a three part form to take to the front desk.  You will be given the white copy of the form as your receipt.

6.  It takes about two weeks for the results to come back.